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Live Series (Every Thursday) - Lupe Fiasco

Hey world. Every Thursday I'm going to hit you with Live perfomances of some of my favourite songs. There's just something about live performances that I really like, it's always interesting to see how the song has been re-arranged, or touched up to give it that extra bit of 'bang'. (Btw I will only post performances with a backing band not a DJ... unless its Premier, Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff or Quik. )

Lupe Fiasco: Sunshine - I just love the way this song was re-arranged with the added horns and the guitar chords. This song was definitely a standout on the "Food & Liquor" album (an album which solidified his position as my favourite MC). It really showed that he could rhyme about different topics. This song is really chilllllllllll.! Enjoy.

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De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising EPK (A must see)

Stumbled across this while looking for a De La clip I haven't watched in a while. It's just insane watching this, because I was just at their 20th Anniversary Tour show (Oliver and I were like a bunch of groupies lol). These dudes influenced a whole culture, they made it cool to be different, they showed that there can be postivity in rap, they showed the world that you don't have to conform to society. I could go on for days about these guys. So Im'a just let you watch the clip.

"We don't think that we're so different, it's just that everyone tryna be the same." - Pos

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Diggin In The Crates! (Every Wednesday)

Hey people, every Wednesday I'm going to drop some stuff from back in the day. Cause if any of you's know me, I am all for 90's hip hop or that cliche' "The Golden Era" lol. So I'm gonna drop something that you may or may not have heard. Everybody got a history right?

To kick things off, I'm gonna drop 2 gems on ya.
"D'evils" by Jay Z and "Rosa Parks" by Outkast.

D'Evils: Reason I wanted to post this was because I was listening to Jay-Z's "Death of Auto Tune" this morning, and I could feel his motivation on that song. It reminded me of the hunger and passion Jay had on his "Reasonable Doubt" debut album. Let's be real, with the last few albums he came out with (with the exception of the 'Black Album') he may aswell have changed his name to "Lay-Z". But he is really bringing the heat with his new track. "D'evils" is the best example of the hunger and passion. His lyrics are precise and he is coming in with that really raw rugged sound. (You could also argue that the Dj Premier beat makes this song).

Quotable: "Life ills, poison my body /and used to say 'fuck mic skills / I never prayed to God / I prayed to Gotti" . Thats Jay for ya, before he became a.k.a "the dude goin out with Beyonce".

Rosa Parks:
There is no denying Outkasts place in music. They are one of a handful of acts who maintain to keep their sound fresh and original. Reason I chose this song is because when they dropped this track, there was nothing else out there like this. Time and time again they come out doing the most out-landish shit you could think of, and it pays off everytime. Why??? Because they have the talent to back it up. I personally believe that this is one of Andre 3000's best verses. I dare you no to nod your head to this beat.

Quotable: "Said baby boy you only funky as your last cut / You focus on the past your ass'll be a has what" - Andre 3000
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David Dallas - Induldge Me (from upcoming album "Something Awesome")

One thing I love, is hearing local talent (hey if Australia can claim Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe, I'm going to claim someone from NZ aswell). David Dallas a.k.a Con Psy will be dropping his forthcoming album "Something Awesome" very soon, with production by P-Money. You may remember him from Scribe's remix of his massive hit "Not Many" ft. Savage. He absolutley murdered them on that track (sorry boys, but he got you's with that verse). Where he spit in double time and dropped lines like:

"Cos I stay on, gimme you're words to play on
and I'ma make your writtens look thick like you lost your pen and wrote it in crayon
But yo, y'all should play the back like scenery
I'm dope, the writings on the wall like graffiti
So, y'all can't even hold your own
You get a manicure if you're goin' toe to toe"

woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Check out his single "Induldge Me". Very soulful if I say so myself.

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Nas - Film (Prod. by 17year old producer C-Sick)

This has been floating around the internet for a minute now. It's definitely a great feeling when Nas actually sounds inspired on a track (Check out "The Virgo" ft. Ludachris and Doug E. Fresh). This track could possibly be one of Nas' best tracks since "One Love" or "Nas is Like". He definitely went all out on this beat. C-Sick provides the backdrop to this story on the price of fame. A 17 year old producer from Chicago (by way of France), got the chance to hook up with his favourite emcee to make a classic. Winner of "Red Bull: Big Tune Battle 2008", where he competed and defeated producers who already have their hands in the game (Illmind - signed by G-unit, Ritz: production for the roots, freeway, peedi crak etc.).

Check out C-Sick & Nas chop it up in the studio. (Nas is definitely inspired on this one), then check out the track+download after the jump

Link (track+download) -------> 'Nas - Film (prod. by C-sick)'
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Wale x 9th Wonder: Back To The Feature Mixtape

Yes, this mixtape did come out about 2 months ago. BUT it is still better than anything on the market at the moment. (In my next blog I'll talk about how the mixtape game has stepped up in a major way). Wale really goes all out on this, it could also be the beats by 9th Wonder (it seems like everybody steps their game up on a 9th or a Primo beat), but this is evidence that Wale could be one of the elite lyricists of our decade. One of the rare artists who can rhyme over anything and still hit you with his bravado/cockiness and ill wordplay at the same time. Don't be dis-heartened by all the features. It actually adds to the quality of this product. It seems like all these dudes were trying to outshine each other, and it sucks you into the song with anticipation of what the next dude has to say.

Standouts on the mixtape are:

The Sun ft. Memphis Bleek: - Wale's beef with being labled: "So they threw me in the skinny jeans crew / Cos I rap about shit that the people really do"

Pot of Gold ft. Daniel Merriwether: Dropping science on peoples addiction to money:"that fixation for the homer simpson phrase / or prior to the ..re-mi-fa-so-la-ti"

Say It Again ft. Royce Da 5'9: - "The underdog of the underground has come far!"

A must have for anybody who appreciates insane rhyme schemes and unbelievable metaphors... and DOPE ASS BEATS. (download link after the jump)

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U-N-I - Land Of The Kings

I been repping these dudes to the fullest ever since I copped the "Fried Chicken & Watermelon" mixtape. It still phases me as to how these guys still aren't signed yet. They making a pretty big splash in L.A's new movement (thats right... that gangster stuff is dieing out slowly, and i LUV it). Well here's the video to the collab they did with Mountain Dew's: Green Label Sound. Thurzday may go over your head in the first verse (He definetly has that rewind factor)... and peep the line at the end of the track. "A dude told me i'd be the illest when pigs fly / well that must be true / cos look, swine flu /flew!" ... About damn time somebody used that as a metaphor. Anyways check out the clip and download after the jump. (Shout out to Oliver... O.BOY! alllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!)

LINK (track download) -----> "U-N-I: Land of the Kings"